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The Benefits of Pre-Booking your Minicab for Airport Transfers

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Travelling to an airport, sea port or railway station to catch a plane, boat or train is extremely time sensitive. Arrive too late, and you miss your flight, sailing or train. This is especially true of airport runs. Not only do you need to arrive on time for the flight, but you need to check in on time too, to allow your luggage to be handled and passport and security checks to take place. This is where prebooking minicab journeys to the airport can remove a lot of pre-flight stress.

You can choose exactly when to be picked up and what type of vehicle to book. Minicabs can range from a saloon or estate car intended for up to four people or multi-purpose vehicles and minivans for larger groups. Here are some reasons why pre-booking your minicab could bring you many benefits for your next airport transfer or trip.

Save time with an airport transfer pre-booking

Booking a minicab to take you and your family or friends to the airport will save lots of time on the day. The minicab will collect you at your home, or other preferred destination and drive you directly to the airport. There will be no need to take in other travellers’ schedules, nor stick to public transport timetables that don’t always align exactly with when you need to be at the airport. Pre-booking minicab travel also saves time in the run-up to your journey. You don’t have to look up public transport times or spend ages choosing and booking train or bus tickets in advance. If you take a minicab, you also don’t need to book long-term parking for your own vehicle, again saving time in the days before you travel.

Enjoy Safety and Peace of Mind

Another benefit of airport transfer pre-booking is that you can relax, knowing that you will have a warm, comfortable and safe vehicle waiting to take you to the airport for your flight and collect you when you arrive back in the country again. You don’t have to spend ages trying to book a taxi, competing with other travellers and hoping that you choose a reputable company. Pre-booking minicab journeys with a company that you know is honest, reliable and safe will stop you worrying about this important aspect of your trip. This is especially essential if you have young children with you, who won’t find waiting for an available taxi, or having to deal with unexpected problems easy.

Customise your Journey

Pre-booking minicab journeys allows you to choose exactly what you want to happen. You can pick the type of vehicle to match the size of your group, amount of luggage space, requirement for child seats etc. You can also specify when and where you want to be collected – or even if you want the driver to make more than one stop on the way. By relaying all of this information to the minicab company when you pre-book your airport transfer, the driver can put as many arrangements in place ahead of picking you up as they can. This saves time and helps make your journey even smoother and problem-free.

No Worries or Stress

Airport transfer pre-booking takes away a lot of the stress involved in either taking public transport or driving yourself to the airport. You don’t have to change trains or busses halfway into the journey. There are no parking worries, or need to keep an eye on the petrol so you don’t run out. The driver will know where to go without you having to direct them or work out the route on a map or sat nav yourself. You can ask the driver to turn off the music or radio if you prefer a quieter journey or need to work or make phone calls on the way. You can even prebook your return minicab journey from the airport back home again well in advance to remove that particular stress from your homeward trip. If you have a lot of luggage, you can ask for a larger vehicle, or wider boot space to fit it all in without having to worry whether your own vehicle will be big enough to take everything you need.