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Six Top Tips for Exploring the Capital via London Minicabs

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London is a large and vibrant city with much to offer tourists, locals and business visitors alike. Like most major tourist spots, however, there is a lot of traffic weaving its way arounds London’s roads. One easy and enjoyable way to see the sights without having to worry about navigating your way around or finding a parking spot is to use London minicabs. The knowledgeable, friendly drivers will take you where you want to go for a competitive price. They can even come and collect you afterwards from the same spot, or another location of your choice.

Here are some top tops to help you make the most of London minicabs during your stay in the capital.

Book your London minicabs in advance

We all know about the difficulties of hailing cabs during rush-hour, when they may not be able to stop safely to collect you. Or, the frustration of searching for taxis on quieter roads and never seeing any pass by. Booking London minicabs in advance does away with this uncertainty. You can arrange to meet at a safe location that is easy to find. This is especially helpful when you have a lot of luggage with you. For example, using London minicabs to take you from the airport or train station to your hotel when you first arrive in the city. Or taking you back to your holiday accommodation after a full day of shopping.

Plan your route with London minicabs

Whether you book your London minicabs in advance or not, it is always advisable to plan where you want it to take you. This could seem like common sense, but it does away with a lot of delays and indecision at the start of the journey. If you want to make multiple stops to see different sights, ask if your London minicabs firm would be able to allocate a driver and car to you for part or all of the day. That way, you can follow a chosen route to take in as many sights as possible without the hassle of having to rebook different London minicabs each time.

Taxi for the theatre?

A popular activity for tourists visiting London is to go and see a West End theatre show, concert or sports match. All of these events are time-sensitive and require reliable transport to get you and your guests there on time. Using London minicabs will not only ensure you get there on time, but you will be delivered to the door safely, without having to worry about finding somewhere to park or walking from a tube or train station. You can book the same vehicle or other London minicabs to collect you afterwards for the ultimate convenience and comfort after the show.

Plan ahead for disabilities and access

Travellers with disabilities often need additional help and support getting around the city. London minicabs are well set up to support people using wheelchairs, or who need to bring additional medical equipment with them. Always let your London minicabs company know when you book what you will need so they can send the most appropriate vehicle. It is also a good idea to book slightly earlier in advance to ensure that the London minicabs company will have what you require available. Don’t be afraid to list exactly what you need to ensure that your journey goes as smoothly as possible.

Child-friendly travel

In the same way as the point about travelling with disabilities, exploring London with children can sometimes require additional support. Booking London minicabs that can fit pushchairs in the boot, for example, can be essential. Ask what child car seats or booster cushions they have available and make sure that these are compliant with stringent safety standards – you can check this detail with the London minicabs company directly – and do your own research online. Ask your driver to take you the most scenic route, if you are not pressed for time, so that you and your children can enjoy watching the sights pass by the window.

Safety first in London minicabs!

Perhaps the most pressing point of all is to always look after your safety when travelling with London minicabs. Always book with a reputable company and don’t be swayed by seemingly cheaper offers from unofficial drivers. Use the seatbelts provided and do not distract the driver while London minicabs are in motion. Get out of the vehicle on the side nearest the pavement, avoiding exiting into moving traffic wherever possible. When paying the driver, avoid waving cash around too obviously. You can use debit and credit cards to pay in most London minicabs now.