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Peace of Mind for Parents: Why Choose Safe and Reliable School Run Minicab Services

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When it comes to safe school transportation, parents require a reliable service that will get their children where they need to be, on time and for a reasonable price. There are many different options, depending on how far away you live from your children’s school, whether you live in an urban or rural setting and how old your children are.

One easy, safe and reassuring option is to look at school run minicab services. There are many advantages to choosing a service offering reliable school cabs. From peace of mind to convenient, door-to-door travel school run minicab services can tick a lot of boxes and take a key worry off many parents’ minds. So, why should you choose a taxi or minicab service for your safe school transportation?

Save Time and Effort in the mornings and afternoons

Booking a minicab for your children’s school run saves time and effort when you are at your busiest. You don’t have to worry about driving the children to school before going on to your own workplace. There is no need to race against the clock to make a bus or train. The minicab will arrive at your chosen time and drive straight to school, college or any other destination you choose. Always choose a reputable minicab company that can prove that their drivers are DBS checked and know how to transport children to and from school safely and comfortably.

Avoid the hassle of the School Gate

By using a minicab to get your children to school, you can avoid having to find a parking place when you arrive. Schools often have designated areas for minicab and taxi drop offs to ensure young passengers can be delivered and collected safely and easily. Your children can put any sports kit, musical instruments etc. in the boot of the minicab too, which prevents them having to manhandle them on public transport or find room in your own car for bulky belongings.

Flexibility and Choice

If your child has to be in school or college early, or be picked up later after a club or extra study session, you can adjust your minicab booking accordingly. There is no need to worry about finding different trains or buses for them. Likewise if your child is unwell or is going to be absent from school. For a different reason, you can cancel your booking and restarts when they return to class. Or, if there is a school trip or sports fixture and your child needs to be dropped off or collected from a different location, this can be easily and quickly arranged.

Safety and Reassurance

Having a reputable minicab driver collect and drop your child off to school means they can be kept safe for the entire journey. You can track their progress and have the reassurance that they have arrived at school without incident. Not only does booking reliable school cabs for your child keep them safe from the risk of an accident walking to school, it also enables them to stay dry during rainy spells and sheltered on hot, sunny days. Children’s belongings can remain safe too, carefully stowed in the boot or back seat of the minicab. On arrival at school, you can ask the driver to escort your child right into their classroom too, which offers even more reassurance for younger or less confident children.

Special Needs and Disabilities

If your child has special needs or other disabilities that means they need a safe escort into school, ask your chosen school run minicab services what provisions they offer. Many have specially trained drivers who can support young passengers with additional needs. Cabs can be equipped with specialist seating and other support aids, and companions can also be booked to sit with the child in the vehicle and see them safely into school. Children with physical disabilities can also be booked into cars with extra room to carry equipment or allow for easier access into and out of the car. Reliable school cabs can often be a far safer and more comfortable option for children with additional needs, due to the extra space, privacy and ability to book arrival times for exactly when they are needed.