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Party on! Booking a minicab for large groups and families

cab for large groups

While it is straightforward to order a minicab for yourself and your partner, or perhaps a couple of friends going out, it can be different if you are part of a larger party. When booking minicabs large groups can find it difficult to get exactly what they need at short notice. It is important to give minicab companies plenty of time to sort out what you need. You must also give plenty of details to help source the right transport, For example, will you have luggage? Do you need a large family minicab service with booster seats or child safety harnesses?

Family Minicab Service

When you have a large family, it can be very hard to get everyone where they need to be, all in one go. Private vehicles can be expensive to maintain when you need bigger makes and models. Public transport is cheaper, but it is harder to keep track of everyone in a large party, especially if there are young children running about. Booking a family minicab service for your trip makes things easier, safer and often cheaper than other alternatives. You can book more than one vehicle and ask for extras such as car seats or booster cushions for younger passengers.

School Trips

Teachers and school staff planning educational trips have a huge amount of logistics to plan, From transport to accommodation; consent forms to allergies, it is vital that everything is sorted out well in advance. Depending on the numbers involved, booking minicabs for large groups could be a more viable option than a coach or public transport. The children will enjoy the views that a car ride will afford them on the way and they can remain safe and comfortable the whole way. Some minicab companies can also supply people carriers and minibuses on request.

Airport Transfers

Booking a minicab to get to the airport is nothing new. It offers a quick and easy way to ensure that you get there in plenty of time to catch your flight. What about if you are travelling in a large group? Friends planning a group getaway in the sun, relatives flying out to attend a destination wedding abroad… there are many reasons why a large group would wish to travel to the airport together to ensure they can all catch their flight. Booking one or more minicabs or larger vehicles to get you there takes away lots of hassle. Don’t forget to let the airport transfer minicab company know how much luggage you will be bringing with you when you book, as well as the time, airport terminal and number of your flight.

Stags and Hens

Following on from airport transfers, a common reason why large groups often travel together is to attend a stag or hen do. Booking a minicab to get you where you need to be is a great way to make sure you arrive at your destination together so no-one misses out on the party fun while they race to catch up. Whether you are celebrating in the UK or further afield, using a large group minicab service will help you avoid costly and inconvenient public transport and cut out the arguments about who is going to drive. Now, everyone can relax, knowing that a professional driver will get you all to your chosen location safely. Let the cab company know how much luggage your party will have with you so that you have enough room to take everything with you for the trip.

Corporate Bookings

Company away days, AGMs, conferences and sales meetings can sometimes require a lot of work colleagues to get to the same place for the same date and time. It can be more cost effective for as many people to travel together as possible, This also allows extra time for talking, planning and team bonding ahead of – and after – the event. Choosing to book a large group minicab service offers convenience, confidentiality and safety for your team members. It saves wear and tear on company cars and helps reduce dependence on public transport, which is not always the most reliable. Hard-working colleagues can relax and chat to each other on their way to the corporate event, or catch up on emails in the privacy of the minicab.