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Night Out in London? Book a Safe and Reliable Minicab for your Group

minicabs for london night outs

Getting together with friends or family to enjoy a night out in London is something that many of us like to do. Now that summer is here, the evenings are lighter for longer and the weather is warmer. Meaning that more of us will be tempted out for some fun in the capital over the next few weeks. Getting to and from the restaurant, club, theatre or tourist attraction is a key part of the planning to get right. While you can take public transport, or drive in and hope there is somewhere to park, by far the easier option is booking a minicab or taxi. Not only does this mean you can leave the car keys at home and enjoy a (responsible) drink, it also ensures that your whole group can benefit from safe night travel.

Pre-booking night-time Minicab Services

If you are planning a group night out in London, make decisions and arrangements well in advance to help you get back home safely and comfortably. Decide on your rough timings and pre-book one or more minicabs accordingly. If you are attending a show or concert, check online what time it is due to finish. Look up what the weather is going to be like. If rain is forecast, having a pre-booked minicab waiting for you will be a huge relief when you are tired and just want to get home in the dry.

When you pre-book night-time minicab services, give as many details as you can to the company. This will help the booker allocate the most suitable vehicle for your group. So, let them know how many of you there will be, whether there will be any children or people needing special access arrangements and whether you will have luggage or bags with you. Agree on a price if you can, as it is often cheaper to pay a fixed fee rather than hailing a taxi at the time. Work out a safe place to be picked up from. This should be somewhere that is well-lit, has lots of people around and is easy and safe for the driver to pull over and let your group enter the vehicle.

Safe night travel tips for minicabs in London

Try to travel in at least pairs when on a night out in London. Stay in touch with the rest of the group by phone and let others know where you are going. If you have not paid in advance over the phone or online for a pre-booked minicab, take some cash or a card with you to pay the driver on the night. This avoids you having to find a cash point after dark, which could put you at greater risk of being robbed. Don’t carry too much cash though. Work out what you might need for your night out – and just add a little more for emergencies.

Share the details of your trip with someone trusted who is not in your group. This can help people track you down if you are delayed or need help. For example, someone at home might be able to call the minicab company for you if you are running late or can’t find the minicab and don’t have the number to hand. Always verify the driver’s identity before you get into the vehicle. Wear an appropriate seatbelt, don’t lean out of the window and stow any luggage safely in the boot or at your feet.

More travel tips for using night-time travel services in London

When meeting your pre-booked minicab in London, make sure you are on time. The driver may well have only been instructed to wait for a certain amount of time before declaring you a ‘no-show’ and moving on to find another customer. If you are unavoidably delayed, call the minicab company and ask them to relay a message to your driver. Always carry a charged mobile phone for this purpose and make a note of the minicab company’s phone number in advance.

Be polite and courteous to your driver and treat the vehicle with respect. If you were happy with your driver and minicab, leave a positive online review and tell your friends and family about your experiences.