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How to make your Heathrow Airport transfer run as smoothly as possible

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When you need to catch a flight, timings are incredibly important. The plane won’t wait for you if you are late, lost or delayed in duty free. Therefore, you need a reliable, straightforward way of getting from your home or leaving point to the airport in enough time to check in and catch your flight. When planning your next Heathrow Airport transfer trip, it is essential to ensure that you have planned for all eventualities and chosen your mode of transport carefully. Here are some top tips to help you ensure that your Heathrow Airport transfer run goes as smoothly as possible.

Book your Heathrow Airport transfer run in advance

Booking in advance removes much, if not all of the worry around whether or not you will be able to find a taxi at the right time for your Heathrow Airport transfer journey. Knowing that your journey is booked in and that your driver will arrive in time to take you to the airport will help clear your mind for the rest of your packing and planning. Always choose a reputable taxi company. Do your research by checking out online reviews, asking local friends’ advice and getting details of costs and timings from the company well ahead of time.

Check, check and check again

Always check your flight details before booking your Heathrow Airport transfer taxi – and then check them again. Make sure you have the right date and time – and that your paperwork is all in order. Ensure that you have your tickets printed out, have already booked in, or know how to access them online at the airport. Is your passport in date, and have you arranged any visas, inoculations or other admin that you need in order to be granted access to the destination country. Have you got everything you need to take with you – and do you know what you are NOT allowed to take onto the plane?

Meet and greet

Do you want your taxi driver to meet you in the hotel lobby to set off on your Heathrow Airport transfer ruin or somewhere else? If you have an early leaving time, should the driver knock on your house door or text you to avoid disturbing the neighbours? On your return home, do you want the driver to meet you at arrivals? Ask your taxi driver if you are unsure about where the best place to be met is. Let them know your flight times, and your mobile phone number when you book. This is in case you need to contact them, or you can’t find each other on the day. Let the taxi company know how many people will be in your party – and how much luggage you are bringing. This will enable the company to send an appropriate vehicle for your Heathrow Airport transfer run.

Ask questions and let your taxi driver help

Always ask questions if you are unsure about anything to do with booking your Heathrow Airport transfer run. The taxi driver and company will be well-versed in the journey and all its implications. This is especially important when it comes to costs. There may be a fixed rate, or you may need to pay according to time taken to get there. Make sure you are clear about this, so you can arrange to have sufficient funds to cover the journey. Ask your driver for help handling your luggage too. They will be more than happy to help load and unload bags into the boot and help you find a trolley when you reach the airport.

Coming home again

While you are planning your Heathrow Airport transfer run, check your return details too. Make sure you know your homecoming flight’s date and landing time. It would be wise to book your return Heathrow Airport transfer trip at the same time as the one taking you to the airport. This will provide you with the reassurance that there will be a taxi waiting for you when you land back home. If you think you will be bringing anything bulky or unusual home with you, let the driver know, just in case you are held up at customs. You may also need to book a larger vehicle to get everything and everyone inside.